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We have started to stock and install wood gasifying boilers across the UK and Ireland. Our new supplier Maga manufacture good quality reliable boilers that we are happy to supply and install for our customers. More...

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Solar water heatingGeothermal heating systems

Geothermal heat pumps

So why install geothermal heating ?

Geothermal energy is a unique energy supply because its..-

  • reliable (constant earth temperature beneath 20m)
  • eco-friendly (Co2-emission-free)
  • landscape protecting (no visible installation)

Heat pump for soil / water

The normal temperature of the ground at about 100m depth ranges between 8º and 12º where geothermal probes collect the thermal energy.

The heat pump picks up the temperature from the probes and makes it available to the system by boosting it up.

During the summertime this system may simply be switched to the cooling function and provides a temperature delta of 8°C towards the outside temperature.

Geothermal heat pump soil

Grants & advice for geothermal heating

Advice and grants for the installation of geothermal heating systems could be available for your project, click here for more information.

Heat pump for water / water

If underground water is available - especially within the local vicinity of rivers - this energy can be used in the same way as soil-energy.

In this case two conveyer-wells are needed in order to move the water to the heatpump and return it to the underground water.

This underground water-based system is equal to the soil-based system with the possibility to heat and to cool all year long, day and night.This energy concept makes you independent from gas or oil. It is an energy plant on your own ground.

Geothermal heat pump water

Geothermal heat pump supplier & installer

We supply and install geothermal heat pumps right across the UK & Ireland. Not only do we geothermal heating systems in Northern Ireland, we also provide our services right across Ireland.

We also supply and fit geothermal heat pump systems acoss Wales, Scotland and England. Contact us to find out more about our company, services and our high quality geothermal heat pumps.

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